Update: A text exchange between Paul Di'Anno and the Editor of The Metal Voice suggests that the former Iron Maiden singer is NOT battling cancer and that the findings were non malignant. See below for more information.

Back in May, it was revealed that former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di'Anno was bowing out of a scheduled tour of Brazil while dealing with health issues. The musician had already been performing from a wheelchair while dealing with knee and hip issues, but of concern in the statement from the Brazilian promoter was discussion of Di'Anno being hospitalized and waiting for a diagnosis and recommended treatment for an undisclosed ailment. In a new interview with Chilean site HumoNegro, fellow singer and friend Blaze Bayley says Di'Anno is battling cancer.

Bayley told HumoNegro, as transcribed by Blabbermouth, "Paul's in the hospital right now. He's got cancer, and also he's got problems with his knees and his hip. So he's gonna be in the hospital for another four months. He's doing okay and he's responding to treatment."

The vocalist continued, "We've played together many shows around the world — in Russia, Sweden and Australia — and the only places, really, that we haven't done are South America. So when he gets better — maybe in a year or so — maybe we'll be able to do a tour like that."

Though never coming right out and saying "cancer," Di'Anno's band Architects of Chaoz had previously posted on Facebook, "We want to give you a short update about Paul's physical situation. At the moment Paul has got a shadow on his chest and lungs and a problem with his lymph nodes. Moreover he has a total arthritic break down with his legs. He will stay in hospital for a long period of time to get everything checked!"

In an update to this story, the website The Metal Voice has posted a text exchange with Di'Anno in which he says he does not have cancer, and that the shadow on his chest and lungs was determined to be non malignant. See images of the texts here.

Loudwire sends our best wishes and prayers to Paul Di'Anno for continued progress in his recovery.

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