In this technological wonderland we all live in -- sadly sans jetpacks and hover cars -- albums normally have three release dates. The digital and CD have one, the vinyl has one, and the low-res stolen copy to circulate on the web has an expected one. Hardcore juggernauts Blacklisted are breaking these rules. No coming soon banners all over the internet and no websites featuring preview tracks to sample. The Blacklisted album is out. Right now. No wait for the faithful. Also there is no CD copy, just vinyl and digital from the Deathwish Records e-store.

Since 2003, Blacklisted have been unleashing a slew of EPs, seven-inches and full-lengths filled of hardcore urgency that bear the markings of older Converge. With the success of last year's 'Heavier Than Heaven, Lonelier Than God' and vocalist George Hirsch's contribution to the latest opus from Converge, all eyes have been gazing at Blacklisted wondering what to expect from 'No One Deserves to Be Here More Than Me.'

The band wants everything to be about the music, and only the music. No interviews are being granted, and all press are getting their copies after the first shipments of the vinyls have reached the fans. The press statement from the label and approved by the band declares, "Let the music speak for itself."

Back in October, Blacklisted began playing some of the new material out, and with this clip being the only way to preview the album, one thing is very clear about what to expect from 'No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me': The spirit that drives the band -- and that many hardcore band lose in breakdowns -- is still alive and well in Blacklisted. The most punk rock thing in this day and age of overexposure might be to limit access.

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