Vancouver metal band Bison b.c. is about to head back out on the road April 9 for a month-long tour of North America in support of its Metalblade debut, 'Quiet Earth,' but guitarist-vocalists James Farwell and Dan And better let everyone know when they're going for a bathroom break.

On its recent 26-date-in-26-days European tour, they were traveling on a "huge ass" Nightliner bus with members of Finland's Medeia, Sweden's Burst and Germany's The Ocean, when the bus driver pulled into a rest stop in the middle of the Swiss Alps to get some sleep.

Farwell and And had been sleeping but awoke when they sensed the bus had stopped. "You're very excited because you can get off and have a coffee and also there's no shitting on the bus so you take advantage of these stops," Farwell explains frankly.

"So I climb out of my bunk and I'm like, 'Oh, are we stopped here?' and my other guitar player, Dan, is awake and he's like, 'Yeah, the driver's just having a nap,' so I'm like, 'Well, I'm gonna get off and have a coffee,'" Farwell recounts.

"Dan comes off the bus with me, and we go and get a coffee and I come back out and I look around, and the bus isn't there. And I'm like, 'Shit, what's going on? Maybe I went through a different door or something?' I just woke up, so I'm kind of tired and then I realize the bus had left us at this rest stop.

"So we were trapped in this little Swiss rest stop that's very wealthy and well put together. It's right in the middle of the Alps and we stuck out like a sore thumb."

Farwell ended up calling the tour manager who told them to get in a cab to the next rest stop. The fine folks at the high-class rest stop made the call for them. "150 Euros later, we catch up to the bus," he laughs.

For this next tour, Bison b.c. is back to a van with less people to lose and the task of determining amongst themselves who will drive after the gig.

"This is the old cramming into the old van, which is lovely because we love being in that van," Farwell says. "That bus tour was the first time we ever had anything like that and it definitely spoiled us.

"They treated us like artists, fed us well, gave us lots of liquor and were excited to see us. And there's certain places in North America that we go and we get treated well, but more often we get treated like dirt bags," he laughs.

After the May tour, Bison b.c. will take the month of June off to write and then join a Metalblade tour for July and August with Lazarus A.D., Epicurean and Woe of Tyrants.

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