Biohazard have finally announced a US release date for 'Reborn in Defiance,' their new album featuring the original lineup. The album will drop on Jan. 20 of next year. The Brooklyn-reared band's North American label partner will be announced shortly. In the meantime, head over the band's Facebook page to grab your free download of 'Vengeance is Mine' which appears on the album.

'Reborn in Defiance' is special for two reasons. It is the first album created by the original, seminal lineup in 18 years and it is also the final album to feature original bassist and co-vocalist Evan Seinfeld, who split earlier this year. It's not like we didn't see that coming, with Seinfeld reinventing himself as a porn star in recent years.

The band will celebrate 'Reborn in Defiance' with a record release party in New York. Details are forthcoming.

"Biohazard has always been a mixture of our personalities, passion, chaos and angst that makes us who we are," said vocalist and guitarist Billy Graziadei. "It's this energy that comes out of us when we're together that is Biohazard."

The impetus for the founding lineup to reform was the 20th anniversary tour in 2008. A year-and-a-half on the road got the creative juices surging.

"When we first got back together, we knew it would take us a while to figure out how to be a band again," drummer Danny Schuler admitted. "We toured the world over the next 18 months and were genuinely surprised when audiences everywhere reacted as positively as they did. So we started jamming, and we knew there was something there for us to build on. We wanted to take the live energy we were creating and capture it in the studio." The band called on Toby Wright, who has worked with everyone from Korn to Metallica, to help them hatch the record in LA.

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