Ian D'Sa has created a distinct guitar sound over the past three Billy Talent records. He's also becoming increasingly involved in the production of the Toronto band's albums -- including the latest, 'Billy Talent III,' due out in America on Sept. 22. He shares his thoughts on the passing of Les Paul with Noisecreep.

"Les Paul was the Alexander Graham Bell of rock 'n' roll," D'Sa says. "For over 50 years, guitar players have adorned themselves with his beautiful invention to communicate to millions of music fans around the world. Without him, rock music and modern studio recording would have never evolved into what it is today. Although most will remember him for creating the world's first solid-body electric guitar, he was also responsible for developing the first multi-track recorder which without, such great music from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin would have never been heard in the same manner.

"Growing up, I remember many of my guitar heroes from Jimmy Page to Slash playing Les Paul's classic Gold Top, and it inspired me to want to play guitar like them," he continues. "Everything about the Les Paul -- from the thunderous, low-end sound to the sexy shape and finish -- has made it a signature in rock 'n' roll culture since it's inception in 1952."

In fact, D'Sa doesn't just appreciate the Les Paul -- he owns three of them personally. "I'm proud to say that I am [the owner] of two 1970s Les Paul Gold Tops and a Les Paul Junior that have become cornerstones of my guitar collection. Our records would not sound the same without them, and the next time I pick up my Junior to lay down guitar tracks in the studio, I will remember the man who made such a remarkable creation that has changed our lives forever. Les Paul was an innovator and absolute genius; he will be greatly missed."