Platinum album certifications, at least in the United States, are a particularly hard thing to come by over the last decade especially. We could go on about the collapse of album sales, the digital era and all that crap, but you’re as sick of hearing about it as we are of writing about it. But even back when seemingly everyone netted a Platinum record or two, quite a lot of rock and metal bands never reached that cherished milestone.

Would you believe that half of thrash’s ‘Big 4’ have only been able to attain Gold status at best? Okay, we’ll make you feel a bit better about that — the two bands at least have a handful of Gold albums apiece. One of them even managed to score a Platinum-selling EP… but it’s full length albums or bust on this list!

And we’re sure you’ve heard just about everyone try to act like a rock trivia braggart, confidently posing the question, “Did you know the Ramones have sold more shirts than albums?” Our T-shirt sales track is currently MIA, but it’s not a stretch to believe that assertion. That’s right — no Platinum album for the band that invented punk rock! That same notion of shirts vs. album sales can likely be asserted with the Misfits, too.

We can’t spoil everything for you though, so go right on ahead and see what other Legendary Rock + Metal Bands Somehow Don’t Have a Platinum Album in the U.S

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