We will always be part of the great misdirect / Stepping in and stepping out / Mirrors and obfuscation

You might have a hard time figuring out what the heck Between the Buried and Me's Tommy Rogers is talking about in 'Obfuscation,' the second track off of the progressive metalcore band's 'The Great Misdirect' release. There are a few clues to be found in an interview Noisecreep did with Rogers, but the song by itself has some meaning.

Rogers mentioned that he "got really obsessed with the human brain, magic and code," during the writing process of 'The Great Misdirect,' and it shows in this song. Lyrics dealing with mental illness were often the subject of the thrash bands of '80s and early '90s, and that focus may have spilled over into harder progressive bands. 'Obfuscation' takes a less direct path, offering the idea that we are prisoners of our minds as we try to evolve -- much less insidious than insanity or paranoia, but still nothing desirable.

'The Great Misdirect', being released on Victory Records, is the band's fifth album.