Seether's longevity can be credited with their penchant for creating sustainable and catchy rock melodies. The South African rockers have never been afraid to take risks, showing a willingness to mix it up by adding in both blues and country elements to their hard rocking sound. That experimentation has also been evident on the video front, where the group has also generated a number of memorable clips.

Seether's hit making music is undeniable, but they're also underrated music video performers. We've culled through some of their best clips and come up with what we feel to be their top visual representations. Enjoy our picks for the 10 Best Seether Videos below.

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    'Fine Again'

    Directed by: Paul Fedor

    For many, 'Fine Again' was the first impression Seether left, and the video for the song definitely made a mark. The clip played into the track's self-analyzation, with the actors in the video holding up very telling descriptors of themselves. But also putting themselves on display were the members of Seether, who deliver a solid live performance of the track as well.

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    'Rise Above This'

    Directed by: Tony Petrossian

    'Rise Above This' deserves its spot amongst the 10 Best Seether Videos for its message as much as its visual look. A troubled young man contemplates suicide by jumping to his death, but the visual effects showing how the decision affects his loved ones makes this clip stand out. It's a truly powerful visual statement for an equally impactful song, providing food for thought for those going through difficult times in their lives.

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    'Fake It'

    Directed by: Tony Petrossian

    Everything is not what it seems, and it's that idea that Seether humorously poke fun at in their video for 'Fake It.' The song, itself a jab at cut-and-paste ProTools musicians,  gets a nice little punch in video wise as well. That which we often think of as the rock and roll lifestyle as portrayed in videos is more style than substance, and Seether give you that pullback view into reality with this clip.

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    Directed by: Seth Dennemann

    'Tonight' is the perfect video to get your party on. This clip, filled with thousands of partying concertgoers, truly sets a mood and is a solid showcase for their live performance. The band's offstage antics, including a quick game of pin the tail on the donkey, are also featured in the promo. It's not exactly Seether's most sublime music video, but it's definitely one of their more sunnier efforts.

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    'Driven Under'

    Directed by: Glen Bennet

    'Driven Under' tells the story of a love gone to hell, and the video is one of the group's more cinematic efforts. The narrative begins with a car in flames and eventually cuts to Shaun Morgan walking a lonely street towards the wreckage. This dark video finds the town's people passing Morgan with thousand-yard stares, but the clip ends with an interesting twist. This fiery feature earns its spot amongst the 10 Best Seether Videos.

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    Directed by: Tony Petrossian

    One of Shaun Morgan's strengths as a singer lies in his innate vulnerability, and it's a trait he displays in the ingenious video for 'Breakdown.' Having a woman turn your head into a Rubik's Cube isn't such a great idea, and in the video Morgan succumbs to his manipulative lady's charms. It's a pretty simple concept, but having parts of Morgan's face spin around at the command of this dark haired beauty is unsettling.

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    Directed by: Nigel Dick

    With Evanescene's Amy Lee in tow, Seether had one of their biggest hits with 'Broken' and the video lives up to the song's superior construction. Directed by Nigel Dick, the clip shows a pair of so-far-yet-so-close lovers drifting amidst a desolate, burned out mobile home park. Years later, given their current divide, the video elicits an even deeper sense of melancholy as Lee and Morgan had such great musical chemistry which has since been broken.

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    'Careless Whisper'

    Directed by: Tony Petrossian

    Rock fans who still yearn for a pixel infused universe were probably in hog heaven with 'Careless Whisper.' Since it's a Wham! cover, the clip contains '80s shout outs to 'Knight Rider,' 'The Greatest American Hero,' 'Teen Wolf' and even the video game classic 'Pitfall,' albeit in 8-bit form. It may be a pop hit torch song, but 'Careless Whisper' gets a total reinvention with this pretty clever video. We also love its cute environmental message with the quick Forest Warriors sequence.

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    'Country Song'

    Directed by: Roman White

    With 'Country Song,' the Seether boys go full cowboy raising a ruckus at a local saloon. There are oversized stuffed animals and aliens also in the mix, and Shaun Morgan is served fruit punch from an astronaut. What gives? All the surreal shenanigans originate from the vivid imagination of a boy who's playing with his action figures. The clip's whimsical tone is also a refreshing change for the band.

  • 1


    Directed by: Dean Karr

    'Remedy' is a straight to the gut Seether track, and setting the video within the menacing confines of a gruesome carnival was pure genius. Shaun Morgan is a scary looking ringmaster, especially with all that eyeliner, and the image of a dazed, elderly woman with glass bowl on her head is forever ingrained in my memory. Likely inspired by 'Apocalypse Now' and a few Tim Burton movies, 'Remedy' is a memorable masterpiece and deserving of the top spot in our 10 Best Seether Videos list.

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