How did we live before YouTube? After all, within minutes of a major news event, you can find it on YouTube. Missed your favorite metal band in concert? It'll pop up on YouTube. You can rock out to metal animal videos, too. Yeah, all thanks to YouTube.

Ewan Parry is probably best known for playing a seven-string guitar in the metal band Talanas. He also happens to do sound work for films and is a writer, among other cool things. So what does Parry do to occupy his time? He creates the video of a death metal rooster, of course. The music is an original composition by Parry.

Birds must like metal even more than the crack staff here at Noisecreep. What about a sweet parrot who loves headbanging to Cannibal Corpse?

And seriously, no 'animals do metal' discussion is complete without a nod to our feline friends -- especially when the tabby is singing right along to Between the Buried and Me.

And finally, perhaps the most frightening pet of them all: a dog who can't get enough of American death metal titans Vital Remains. Brootal.

Got a heavy metal pet of your own? Leave a comment and tell us about your rockin,' furry friend!

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