Here are the five best death metal songs to listen to while smoking weed, chosen by Bonginator vocalist/guitarist Erik Thorstenn.

Even in your most dazed state, locked into the couch thanks to some super powerful indica strain, it takes little to no brain power to piece together what's this band's favorite extracurricular activity is, which is why we invited Thorstenn to school you in weed-positive death metal on 4/20, the unofficially official stoner holiday.

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The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot is the debut record from Bonginator, who exclusively play "two-stepping neon weed death." It came out on April 20 of 2023. Just hit play on the music video for "Chopped 2 Pieces" below for a sampling of the Massachusetts-based band's signature brand of brutality.

"4/20 is more than just a day for stoners to get extra high," says Thorstenn, "4/20 is a day for the artists, musicians, workers, and everyday people in our lives who use weed for whatever reason. 4/20 is when we honor the people who have fought and continue to fight in the ongoing quest for legalization. Even if you don’t smoke weed, somebody in your life does and this day is for them. Use this day to get with your friends and loved ones, make some food, watch some trippy horror movies, and listen to The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot."

Bonginator, "Chopped 2 Pieces" Music Video

Get your copy of Bonginator's debut album 'The Intergalactic Gorebong of Deathpot' here and follow the band on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify and Bandcamp.


  • Groaning Retch, "Drenched in Fluids

    Coming from our area of New England, Groaning Retch has been a top tier death metal band since they hit the scene earlier this year. The group features members of Frog Mallet, who we’ve been know to tour and work with in many capacities.

    One thing Sean (guitarist) and I have in common is getting baked and writing death metal, and he’s really fucking good at it.

    The slow, churning, constantly moving riffs keep you headbanging at a zombie-like pace — perfect for when you’re absolutely kershplooshed at a show.

    Not to just shamelessly plug my boy's band, but seriously look out for them in 2023. If you like Bonginator you’ll absolutely love these guys.

  • Frozen Soul, "Crypt of Ice"

    Frozen Soul are constantly pushing the boundaries of how bitchin' a riff can be. The song comes in hard and fast and then before you know it you’re slapped with the fattest load of beef that anyones ever shat out of a guitar.

    If you get baked enough, you can actually feel Chad kicking you in the nuts. His vocals have a kind of hissing quality that sounds creepy as fuck and it adds to the cavernous tone of the record.

    Highly recommend getting baked and listening to Frozen Soul, it’s really sick every time.

  • Fluids, "Daddio"

    This choice is an interesting one for sure. Many would say it’s not a death metal song, but the last two minutes of it are absolutely death metal, so I’ll take it.

    I’ll listen to any Fluids album when I’m smoking weed, but holy shit this song is something else. It’s like a new sensory experience for your ears.

    The first half of the song is like a distorted synthwave track while a Microsoft TTS voice describes how a guy brutally murdered his whole family. Then you get some synthy black metal type shit before it comes in with some straight knuckledragger riffs that Fluids have been known to deliver.

    It’s certainly a mindfuck, making it perfect for when you’re shploinking a doinkie. This song is the only one of its kind, and I highly recommend to anyone who is into any genre of metal. It just hits like no other.

  • Blood Incantation, "The Giza Power Plant"

    Blood Incantation are a really dope band. They make really sick death metal about aliens and my stoner ass can’t get enough.

    Hidden History of the Human Race is a great album front to back and perfect for any stoner, but I think “The Giza Power Plant” is for sure the highlight “stoner track” of the record.

    It has this moment halfway through where it just stops and comes in with this clean guitar riff that completely engulfs you. The whole soundscape is like Egypt and aliens at the same time — it’s remarkable how they did that.

    I’ve watched Ancient Aliens high as fuck in god knows how many hotel rooms and I’d say they hit that nail on the head.

  • Fulci, "Matul Tribal Cult"

    This song is at No. 1 for a very obvious reason: it has fucking RIFFS.

    Two, to be exact.

    One of them is a nasty slam riff and the other is a classic doom riff that just absolutely slaps. They play it a couple times, changing up the feel and instrumentation with each repetition.

    It’s the simplicity of the song that makes it so perfect for smoking weed. You can be unconscious and you’d still absorb every detail of the song.

    The synth work and sampling also creates an atmosphere that’s so true to the giallo soundtracks they draw inspiration from. The shit is just so satisfying to listen to. It's the kind of shit you can just zone out and be taken away by the sheer force of the riff.

    Fulci are a band that continues to pump out top quality material without fail. Roll up six hash blunts and listen to fucking Fulci.

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