A steady fixture through the '90s, Bush may have a different lineup, but it was evident that Gavin Rossdale's vision of the band continued and matured with their 2011 album 'The Sea of Memories.' Now entering the second act of their career, Bush are still as dedicated to the video format as they were early on and they've only added to their stellar music video catalog.

Throughout their career Bush have made a point of working with top of the line music directors such as Marcus Nispel ('Greedy Fly'), John Hillcoat ('Mouth') and Joel Schumacher ('Letting the Cables Sleep'). Along with solid production values, Bush videos are also well performed, as Rossdale is a working actor, lending to his comfort in front of the camera. Here we break down Bush's visual artistry throughout the years, providing the 10 Best Bush Videos.

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    'Everything Zen'

    Directed by: Matt Mahurin

    Arriving during the second wave of grunge, the video for 'Everything Zen' is reminiscent of clips from the era. Visuals bathed in faded orange and green, a performance filmed in a dark, dilapidated space and slightly blurred shots of the band gave music fans their first impression of Bush. This shadowy clip definitely still makes an impression and stands the test of time.

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    'Letting the Cables Sleep'

    Directed by: Joel Schumacher

    Director Joel Schumacher, whose credits include 'Batman & Robin' and 'The Lost Boys,' effectively captures one of Bush's moody favorite 'Letting the Cables Sleep.' Gavin Rossdale and actress Michele Hicks play two lonely people who meet in a barren apartment. Their lovemaking begins once they both press the hands against the wall, and we then proceed to see Rossdale kiss his troubles away. Fans who appreciate Rossdale's figure are also treated to a couple of shirtless sequences in this otherwise downbeat (but visually interesting) promo.

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    'The Sound of Winter'

    Directed by: Meiert Avis

    'The Sound of Winter' video begins with Gavin Rossdale walking on a gloomy, Malibu morning. Director Meiert Avis eventually puts a bit of sunshine into the proceedings, as he captures the singer and his band shooting pool and leisurely jamming away. The clip ends with a shirtless Rossdale staring out into the ocean as the day closes. Beach life doesn't exactly sound like winter to us, but rock stars are funny that way.

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    Directed by: Jamie Morgan

    Bush's naysayers claim the band's earlier grunge years had them aping the stylings of Nirvana, and the video for 'Swallowed' may serve as a witness for the prosecution. Disaffected youth are kissing and partying at an apartment adorned with a gleaming crucifix while Bush play inside the cramped space. It may have simply captured a moment in time, but the clip's final shots, which feature Rossdale surrounded by strangers singing "Gotta get away from here" still resonates.

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    Directed by: John Hillcoat

    'Mouth' was featured in 'An American Werewolf in Paris' with Julie Delpy playing the beast. The video has the actress leading Gavin Rossdale into a desert area carnival, where they are ready to suck face like hungry animals. Does she sink her "mouth" into his neck or will our singer escape this nightmarish hall of mirrors? Take a trip back to 1997 and find out why this clip ranks among our 10 Best Bush Videos.

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    'Baby Come Home'

    Directed by: Todd Stefani

    Although not as celebrated as some of their more well known videos, 'Baby Come Home' is a wonderful remembrance of things past. The sad and beautiful ballet dancer evokes the mysteries of the lady from 'Glycerine,' while having wolves walk around while Bush performs the song may not be as unexpected as Rossdale's kung fu skills, but it's still a "what the heck" moment. It's also beautifully shot by director Todd Stefani, and their best video from their 'Sea of Memories' output.

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    Directed by: Kevin Kerslake

    A slender woman, standing atop a chair in the middle of an empty room, holding what appears to be torn off doll hands is the most indelible image from 'Glycerine.' Although simple in scope, the video was honored with the Viewer's Choice Award at the 1996 MTV Music Video Awards. Sometimes an introspective beauty, a brooding rocker, and some solid editing can turn a simple concept into a sublime journey and one of the 10 Best Bush Videos.

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    'The Chemicals Between Us'

    Directed by: Stephane Sednaoui

    The genius behind this absolutely weird and amusing video is its unpredictability. Having a portal appear while Bush is playing in a seedy, unknown part of town is really thinking outside the box. When venturing into that white light, Rossdale turns into a kung fu warrior who's ready for battle. 'The Chemicals Between Us' is easily one of the band's most surreal efforts.

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    Directed by: Jake Scott

    The allure of 'Comedown' lies in the narrative's overall mystery. Director Jake Scott employed a fish eye lens to capture a manic Rossdale during a healthy portion of the video, giving the clip a disorienting yet compelling feel. Are the band are stuck in a sanitarium or are trapped in a hell of their own choosing? You decide. Ending the video on a spinning chair with Rossdale nowhere to be seen was a clever touch.

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    'Greedy Fly'

    Directed by: Marcus Nispel

    Directed by 'Pathfinder' and 'Conan' filmmaker Marcus Nispel, 'Greedy Fly' is a haunting and disturbing look at a man's mental and physical transformation. The seven-minute narrative, infused with film noir elements and an existential outcome, has Rossdale seemingly killing an angel and resigned to his fate. If you love dark themes, 'Greedy Fly' is the way to go and this clip is deserving of its spot atop the 10 Best Bush Videos.

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