Behemoth have come out victorious against another legal battle with the Polish government. Last year, frontman Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski was summoned to a prosecutor’s office to be questioned about a piece of Behemoth merch that resembles the Polish coat of arms. In a new Instagram post, Nergal revealed the successful verdict in Behemoth’s favor, adding “Fuck the system” for good measure.

After tearing up a Bible onstage, Nergal was held on trial in 2010 for blasphemy charges. Years later, he eventually won the case in the name of freedom of expression. As for Behemoth’s ‘The Republic of the Unfaithful’ shirt, the demonic eagle on a red background got Behemoth in more hot water, forcing the band to remove the shirt from their merch store. Due to this new court ruling, Behemoth can now continue to offer their “highest selling” shirt.

Nergal wrote a celebratory Instagram post yesterday (April 16):

Behemoth fans are anxiously awaiting a follow-up to the band’s monumental 2014 masterwork, The Satanist. For now, fans can delve into Behemoth’s new Messe Noire DVD, which brings a stellar amount of blasphemy to the small screen.

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