Behemoth have revealed that 'The Satanist' artwork will be bloodied, and we're not talking sanguine-soaked artistic renderings, either. The artwork was painted with frontman Nergal's own blood.

Negal provided a container of his plasma to Russian symbolist painter Denis Forkas in Moscow. Forkas then blended the blood into the painting so that it would have a more "organic" feel.

"I wanted to incorporate some of my DNA into the art," the singer and guitarist told Australia's Heavy Mag. "This album seems to be so defining of who we are now as people and as individuals, and considering all the instances in recent years, [we wanted] to make it more ‘ours’ than it is usually."

In addition to the music being part of his creative DNA, his actual DNA will be factored into the release as a whole. So whereas Metallica used a photo of blood and semen on the 'Load' cover, Nergal, who suffered from leukemia, a blood cancer, in 2010, incorporated the real thing.

"It’s very arty," Nergal explained. "It’s very artistic and it really has no heavy metal clichés in it. Expect something very special and spectacular, and deeper than all of the other products that are in the market."

While blood and gore are often associated with heavy metal, Nergal feels his band is doing it differently.

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