We've seen Rob Halford do his part for metal synergy in recent years guesting on songs from Five Finger Death Punch and In This Moment, but might there be another collaboration in the works? During a chat with Little Punk People (seen above), Behemoth's Nergal was asked about his willingness to collaborate with "The Metal God," and appeared very keen on the idea.

"I'm just waiting for his call. I mean, if he says, 'Hey I'm ready,' if we're touring with Slayer again or Metallica, I have to drop that tour and to just fucking run to Phoenix or wherever Rob is living and fucking work my ass off to bring the best song I can afford so he can sing there," said the singer, admitting, "I'm trying to sound funny but the truth is that we would love to do some music and we'd love for Rob Halford to do some vocals over it. That'd be ... that'd be beyond cool."

Nergal went on to praise Halford, calling him "one of the most humble human beings" he's ever met. "Considering his status, who he is, what he did to the genre, to heavy metal... it only makes you even a bigger fan of that person," said the Behemoth frontman.

While Halford is on the wish list, Behemoth already have their next album ready to go. I Loved You at Your Darkest is due Oct. 5, with the band hitting the road for a North American tour leg to support the disc starting Oct. 20 in Phoenix. See all their scheduled dates here.

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