Never seen Finnish prog metal upstarts Barren Earth live and in the flesh? Well, neither have we -- and that's not quite a shock, since they're so new and on the eve of releasing their first full-length album. We can remedy your desire for a live taste of the band by having you watch these videos of the songs 'Flicker' and 'Jewel' right here. You'll feel like you were there.

Bassist Oppu Laine told Noisecreep that the videos "currently" capture the band's live intensity, deeming them 'current' simply because they were taken from the second gig that Barren Earth ever played! "I'd say that we can and will certainly keep improving. It was a great gig, though. It was sort of weird to try to convince a hall full [crowd] of Finntroll fans. But we freakin' did it," Laine said.

The individual members of Barren Earth have performed in other bands, but that doesn't hinder the live synergy in this band. In fact, it only helps them mesh. "I think the chemistry is quite good, and fortunately, everyone manages to have totally different role in Barren Earth than what they have in the other groups they play in," Laine said. "Each one of us has deferred to the style of Barren Earth amazingly well. I've got to mention that Marko, Kasper, Janne and I share some history in playing together, so it was not too hard to find the common ground in the first place."

Barren Earth's '70s influenced, Opeth/Katatonia-influenced 'Curse of the Red River' is out April 6, a fact that makes Laine get the butterflies in his stomach! "I have to say I'm quite excited about it, even a bit nervous," he said. "I hope people will get it and wouldn't compare us to the other bands we play in or have played in. I'm just happy that we managed to make an album we like and put it out. I'm already itching to make another one. But I cannot wait to get on tour to play the songs live."

Maybe Laine should watch these videos, too, so he can experience live Barren Earth, too.