Bam MargeraYou would think hosting his own weekly Sirius Radio Show ('Radio Bam') since 2004 would be the source for Bam Margera to discover new music, but it's actually thanks owning a club in West Chester, Pa. that he discovers new bands that take him by surprise. "There have been so many bands coming in and out of The Note, which is the club that I own. If there is a show that is sold out -- even if it's not -- I'm gonna peek my head in to see if they're any good," Margera told Noisecreep. "I've discovered so many new band that I've never heard of just from owning a night club and having Live Nation book shows."

One band this past year he discovered by accidentally walking in while they played was the Agonist. "It's like Cradle of Filth with a really hot singer, who's really young and has blue hair and ..." Margera bit his excitement down while describing the band. "It's amazing. That's an album that just came out that I haven't stopped listening to."

And as he said, it isn't always a sold-out show that gets him hooked. "There [weren't] many people there, but I was pretty blown away," he remarked, remembering the first time he saw the Canadian foursome. "Any time they come on tour around here, they stay at the house. My house is kind of starting to become Hotel Bam for rock bands." His house is still Castle Bam, the large gothic house used for many of the episodes of his show 'Viva La Bam' on MTV.

The '80s glam revisionists Steel Panther have been known to be frequent guests at his house as well, and were recent guest on his radio show which tapes at his house. "They all stayed at the house," Margera said, holding back a teasing laugh. "We all had a big sleep over. It was a rager." We're sure very few actually slept.

One artist that passed through The Note was Juliette and the Licks, which is fronted by Margera's actress friend Juliette Lewis. He had no idea that Lewis, who is known for playing timid roles in films, was known for a stage attitude that screams of a '70s glam/punk style. "Her stage presence is amazing," He gushed. "I've known her for ages, and I remember when she told me she was going to start a band. I thought that was a little odd, because she's an actress and normally people can't really take it seriously, like when Keanu Reeves tried to do it. I thought it would be one of those. But no, she kicks ass. "

When asked what his favorite album this year was, it came with no doubt. His older brother's band CKY held the spot for him with their album 'Carver_City.' "I saw the process of them making it," he said. "Beating the s--- out of each other on a tour bus and not speaking for a year, and then three years later they've completed it, and it's definitely their best work."