It would be an understatement to say that Bad Wolves' 2018 cover of The Cranberries hit "Zombie" was their breakthrough moment. Now, the band is seeking fan input for which song they should cover next, if they decide to do so on their sophomore album. See their tweet asking for recommendations below.

Bad Wolves' rendition of "Zombie" garnered more than enough popularity to help set the stage for their future success. The cover was featured on their 2018 debut album Disobey and hit No. 1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart, matching the success of Disturbed's 2016 cover of "Sound of Silence." Following "Zombie," Bad Wolves' next hit "Hear Me Now" featuring Diamante peaked at No. 2 on the same chart a few months later.

The metal group isn't ashamed to be known by the cover. Guitarist Doc Coyle told Australia's Loud Magazine in February that they would rather be known as "the 'Zombie' band" than be nobodies. "It's better to be known for something than for nothing," Coyle jokes.

Will a new Bad Wolves cover beat the success of their version of "Zombie"? Hopefully everyone submits good recommendations. The band is almost finished with their next album, so we'll find out soon enough.

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