Can't get enough BabyMetal? Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal are back, giving you a taste of a new song and also showing you a bit of their live performance with the new video for "The One."

As you can see in the clip above, the trio is suspended in air above the audience below as a triangular structure allows the girls to hover over the crowd below as they sing the song. Meanwhile the rest of their band delivers the epic, progressive sounding licks back onstage.

"The three of us were together so it wasn't scary," Su-Metal told Billboard, who premiered the clip. "We saw the audience singing along with us and that was amazing."

The performance was captured during the band's Dec. 13 show last year at the Yokohama Arena in Japan on the final date for their world tour.

"Through the world tour we realized that Babymetal is not just about the three of us, but about the Kami Band, our staff and the fans all together,” Su-Metal adds. “With this team we'd like to perform our one-of-a-kind music that we produce and bring the world together."

"The One" is the second track to be released from the band's upcoming disc, Metal Resistance, following on the heels of the energetic song "Karate."

Metal Resistance is due April 1 via RAL/Sony Music and a world tour will start the following day in London. To pre-order BabyMetal's Metal Resistance, head here. And check out their 2016 World Tour dates here.

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