Axl Rose has had a triumphant year, teaming back up with Slash and Duff McKagan in Guns N' Roses and being instated as AC/DC's singer, at least for the interim. However, the frontman hasn't been able to truly experience the freedom he'd normally feel onstage while being confined to Dave Grohl's guitar throne after breaking his foot over a month ago. But that's now changing.

While the singer remained seated throughout most of AC/DC's May 16 show in Belgium, he rose to stalk the stage with a bulky boot cast still in place around the lower half of his left leg. When the rock titans reclaimed the stage for the encore, the singer stood up again to belt out "Highway to Hell" as seen in the video above.

When encountered by paparazzi at the airport in the back half of April, Rose was asked about the injury and stated he would be able to remove the boot cast "in a couple weeks." Though the cast is still in place over one month later, the firebrand frontman looks relatively mobile, placing most of his weight on his uninhibited leg as he turns and pivots, giving nods to his signature serpentine moves.

Rose sustained the injury at the first Guns N' Roses show featuring the new lineup. An intimate show full of friends and celebrities in Los Angeles, the singer broke a bone in his foot onstage at the Troubadour early in the set.

After the European run of AC/DC shows conclude, GN'R are set to resume their "Not in This Lifetime" tour on June 23 with support coming from Alice in Chains and Lenny Kravitz. For a full list of tour stops, click here.

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