It's been a long and difficult road for former Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile, who has been battling Marfan Syndrome for a good part of his life. Things are looking up mentally for the singer, who revealed on Twitter that despite recent hospitalizations and surgeries, he's been working on new music.

The clip he posted to Twitter shows him holding headphones, a delicate piano melody playing out of it, sans vocals. His caption for the tune read, "I HAVE been working on new music though... one of the only things that has kept me sane..."

Recently, Carlile appeared at OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute in Portland, Ore. to make a speech in front of a crowd of medical professionals about what it was like growing up with Marfan Syndrome and losing his mother at a young age and later learning that she showed symptoms of Marfan Syndrome as well. “You’re never prepared for anything like that," Carlile said in the video. "I was a 17-year-old kid and I didn’t really know anything that was going on. I remember leaving the hospital and not having any answers and I remember that that didn’t feel right. Little did I know that the next 10 years of my life would be a lot of ‘no answers’ and questions."

In his recent tweets, he reiterated needing 24-34 injections in his spine, hips and legs each week to combat Marfan's. He later noted being relocated from hospitilization in Costa Rica to Stanford after losing feeling in his legs. It's tough to see him covered in wires and the like, but hopefully things take a positive swing soon.

Read his tweets below:

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