Metalcore veterans August Burns Red are ramping up to unleash their upcoming album Phantom Anthem on the world come Oct. 6. For more of a taste of what's to come, the group released a new song "The Frost" today.

On paper, the song has a lot of the elements fans have come to know August Burns Red to deliver, namely extremely intricate guitar riffs and melodies. The band's approach on "The Frost," though, makes it a way different beast than most other songs in their discography. Instead of trying to let loose a unilateral assault of heaviness on fans, the group uses these elements to build up to something surprising and beautiful at times. The guitar work lets the melodies they create to really come to life and take on a feeling of their own, showing a side of August Burns Red of which listeners might not be aware.

Earlier this year, ABR dropped more pieces of the larger puzzle that will make up Phantom Anthem. Back in July, the group unleashed a video for "Invisible Enemy," which pitted their riffs against a cast of stop motion, puppet doppelgangers.

Phantom Anthem will hit shelves and webstores on Oct. 6 through Fearless Records and pre-orders are already available now through the band’s website. Fans can explore a variety of options including an array of bundle packages and three different vinyl selections, as well.

Check out the new song 'The Frost" above!

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