Atreyu will release their anticipated new album Long Live in September. The band posted an image on their Facebook page, revealing that the disc is set to be released in September. Earlier this month, the reunited group released their first ever 7” EP on Record Store Day that included their newest songs “So Others May Live” and “When the Day Is Done.”

The band members have been very vocal about the upcoming record, clearly expressing their excitement about the new direction they are taking. Even as far back as February, co-vocalist Alex Varkatzas wrote about the disc on Facebook. He shared that they are getting back to their heavy roots, “Absolutely no melodic vocals on my end. AMEN! Happy to get back to my roots and still bring in some new tricks. My brothers and I have made our best record yet. Can’t wait to share it with you all.”

That same month, drummer and co-vocalist Brandon Saller told the Australian outlet Music Feeds more about that decision [transcribed by Blabbermouth]. “I think going away for a while and not being in this band and coming back and being able to think about what you love most about the band… I mean, those were conversations that we had… Like, what do we love most? What's our strong suit? What do we feel most comfortable doing? 'Cause that's what we wanna do, 'cause that's the most fun,” Saller said.

“So I think, for him [Varkatzas], he was, like, 'I just wanna f---ing come out and rip people's heads off,'” continued Saller. “So it was, like, 'All right. Cool. You don't wanna sing? You don't sing. That's how we started. I'll sing. And you just f---ing go nuts.' And everyone's stoked on it. And he's doing different s--t. He's doing a lot of different stuff on the new record — different sh-t he's never done before. But it's brutal. It's f---ing awesome."

The band head to London, England to play a show on Wednesday and then head to Belgium for a performance on May 1.