Right before Atreyu head on the road with the Used for the first time in over five years, the band will fly overseas to play two Taste of Chaos shows in Japan with In Flames and CKY, Jan. 22 in Tokyo and January 24 in Osaka. While they're in the land of the rising sun, they're going to spend some of their yen to film a video for their next single 'Lonely,' which goes to radio on Jan. 27.

The video will be part live and part cinema vérité, depicting touring life both on and off the stage. The director will be Sean Stiegemeier, who first worked with Atreyu on 2003's 'Lip Gloss in Black' and has shot numerous vids for the band, including last year's special effects-filled 'Storm to Pass.'

"He did the live video for 'Doomsday,' which was more for European release," drummer Brandon Saller told Noisecreep. "The way he captured touring in that video was perfect. So we're going to do something similar, but make it extraordinary because we're in Japan. There are so many beautiful things and different looking locations. So we're gonna go hog wild and see what we come up with."

While Stiegemeier doesn't expect any hiccups during filming, he's comfortable knowing that if problems arise, they should be a cakewalk compared to the walls of flame and artificial thunderstorms he subjected Atreyu to for 'Storm to Pass.'

"I've known them for a while, so I can basically tell them to do things that maybe other directors wouldn't be as comfortable to ask them," Stiegemeier said. "They've put up with a lot from me in the past, and somehow even after all that, we're still friends."

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