Many metal fans know Brandon Saller as Atreyu's rhythmic anchor. The drummer sings the band's clean, melodic vocals from behind the kit and has done so for 15 successful (and turbulent) years. Now, he is standing up and stepping out in his other project, Hell or Highwater, which was once dubbed The Black Cloud Collective.

Hell or Highwater, which has been in existence for about a year-and-a-half, will release 'Begin Again' on August 9th and will tour as part of the UPROAR Festival, which launches in August and runs through the early part of fall. While his main band is on a self-imposed hiatus, Saller is staying busy and creatively stimulated with Hell or Highwater.

Sonically, Saller is trying things that don't necessarily fit the Atreyu blueprint, drawing on diverse (and surprising) influences like classic rock, doo-wop, punk and pop. The lineup crystallized through "vintage" methods such as word of mouth and tryouts, and is rounded out by guitarist Matt Pauling [The Confession], guitarist Neal Tiemann [MWK, David Cook], bassist Joey Bradford [Thieves and Liars], and drummer Kyle Peek [MWK, David Cook.]

Saller is beyond stoked about this fresh crop of musicians that he is playing with, saying, "I was lucky enough to find, in my opinion, some of the greatest musicians I could have ever found. The music has energized all of us to the point where we're foaming at the mouth. This music makes me want to body slam someone and run a mile, while waving an American flag!"

In other Saller news, he teamed up with Good Charlotte's Billy Martin to record a cover of 'Night Life' for the soundtrack of the new Muppets movie. The disc will be available at your local Starbucks on August 23rd.

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