Atreyu will give fans the ultimate tour souvernier with 'Covers of the Damned,' a free, five-song digital EP that features the OC band and the rest of the Congregation of the Damned Tour bands, Blessthefall, Chiodos, Architects (UK) and Endless Hallway. The tour begins on Oct. 20, but the EP will be available in the U.S. on Oct. 12. Can't wait till then? You can quell your hunger by listening to the exclusive stream at for two days.

If you are a music nerd and don't love digital distribution of music, you can always nab a limited-edition vinyl version of the EP at each tour date. Another reason to get your ass out to see tour is the fact that several of the 'Covers of the Damned' EP tracks will be performed live and with special guests.

The EP boasts two Atreyu covers and three collaborations with the rest of the bands. It was produced by Noah Shain who said "These young bands all have a unique and different approach to rock music ... such radical interpretations of dangerously classic songs. It was amazing to see and hear these guys work together! We recorded the album in a very short amount of time and everyone followed their instincts, so what you hear is an honest interpretation of the music of an older generation filtered through the ears and hands of the generation of artists making the music that defines today's culture."

Atreyu vocalist Alex Varkatzas also noted that bands on a tour partnering up to release an EP is a rare (and often logistically confounding) event! "We wanted to collaborate with the bands on our tour to create a fun series of covers. This s--- was fun to record and will be fun to listen to," the singer said. Atreyu bassist Mark McKnight designed and created the artwork for 'Covers of the Damned,' as well.

You can watch the band blast through an Atreyu'ized version of Aerosmith. Don't go questioning Atreyu's scene cred due to this cover; they do a bang up job. "I really wanted play an Aerosmith song," said bassist Brandon Saller. "We did Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer' years ago, and I wanted to cover another iconic band from that era. No matter what age or where you're from, Aerosmith comes on and you're ready to party."