Underoath have already shown they're not afraid to take on rock's sacred cows, as evidenced by their earlier thoughts on Metallica. Underoath's Tim McTague didn't mince words when it came to some of film's biggest names, namely Brangelina.

When Noisecreep caught up with them in the L.A. offices of their publicist, the band had just returned from Australia via a 14-hour flight, where they had lots of time to watch last year's Oscar-nominated films and McTague was not impressed with Angelina Jolie's Best Actress-nominated turn in 'Changeling.' "'Changeling' sucked, Angelina Jolie sucked in that movie," McTague said. "Everyone that saw it said that they loved her and I thought she was the most unbelievable, but unbelievable in a bad way."

For McTague, this wasn't just an one-off bad performance. "I don't really like her, I've never seen her in a movie that I actually thought she was good in," he says."But a lot of people like her. I was sitting there watching it for two and a half hours and for an hour of it I was calling proverbial BS on somebody; I'm supposed to be in it, I'm supposed to want to like kill someone on behalf of this distraught mother and all I can think of is, 'Man, Angelina Jolie should've worked at this a little bit more.'"

In the interest of fairness though, he does admit that opinion was not shared by the whole band. "But our keyboardist Chris [Dudley] is a huge movie buff, huge, he knows all movies, directors, everything, he thought she was amazing," McTague says. "So I may be alone on that."

As for the other half of Hollywood's royal couple, McTague saw Brad Pitt's also nominated performance in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' and he wasn't any more impressed with that. "It was emotionless, like Brad Pitt did not have an emotion whatsoever and if that was your lifestyle you'd be an extreme emotional person; even when he got his back turned on him by his girlfriend and all that stuff, he never lost it. I don't care who you are, you're the most reserved person ever, you will lose it at some point," McTague says. "It's weird, Brad Pitt is usually good. I just saw 'Burn After Reading' and I thought he carried it; he's just hilarious in it, he's great. He does some really good movies sometimes, he was great in 'Snatch.'"

McTague didn't offer an opinion on 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith,' the movie that launched Brangelina, but it's a safe guess he liked at most only half.