Check out the riotous trailer for Asking Alexandria's Through Sin + Self Destruction. It's a mini-film comprised of the trilogy of vids for "To the Stage," "Reckless & Relentless" and "Dear Insanity." Porn actress Belladonna and Skid Row's Sebastian Bach appear. It's due out digitally through iTunes on May 15 and it's full of boobies, beer, badasses and tattoos. Watch it! [YouTube]

Behemoth are on tour and frontman Nergal offered an update from the road. He stated, "I'm sitting in The Old Absynthe House in New Orleans as I'm writing these words. It's said that Crowley used to spend time here, getting wasted and gaining inspiration. A good place to hang out, my friends. Behemoth is having a day off and we have only 10 shows left on the tour. This is the fastest running trek I've ever done in my life! There are not enough words to describe how comfortable and happy we are with the fact that we are touring in such noble company and shows are being so massively attended. Every night when I'm off stage, I have the feeling this was the highlight of the tour. People are fuckin' raging and we are feeding on that energy. Thank you." Behemoth were sidelined from the road when Nergal, born Adam Darski, battled leukemia. He's back and better than ever. [Brave Words]

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready is looking to resurrect the Mad Season side project with a new singer, as vocalist, former Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley, passed away. "We're looking into re-releasing some Mad Season music that I did with Layne Staley before he died and John Baker Saunders. We're gonna re-release [Above], hopefully by the end of the year and put a live concert out - and also we have 13 unreleased songs we never did." We are certainly interested in the material, that's for sure. [Loudwire]

Watch Mad Season's "River of Deceit" Video

Watch the trailer for Ex Deo's Caligvla record, which will drop on August 31. The band features Maurizio Iacono of Kataklysm. We like album trailers. They assault all the senses. [YouTube]

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