Moving from England to New Jersey is a haul for any human being. But for Asking Alexandria, they made the leap across the pond for the survival and success of their band. But thankfully, the band is dealing with the culture shock with grace, poise and ease. "We moved to New Jersey initially due to the fact that it is in the tri-state area, which we felt would provide us with good touring opportunities," guitarist Ben Bruce told Noisecreep. "It's definitely not a huge culture shock, but there are definitely differences; mainly the day-to-day lifestyle such as drinking, night life and even the food is different! Everything seems much more rushed in New Jersey than back at home.

Despite the hectic pacing of New Jersey livin', Bruce notes "how convenient shops are and how close New York City is" are the far-reaching benefits of the location. "We all miss our families a great deal and definitely miss the younger drinking age!"

Asking Alexandria are about to head out on the road with Alesana and From First to Last, and will continue to tour vigorously. Their Sumerian Records debut, 'Stand Up and Scream,' is out now.

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