Rock and metal dudes are a fashionable bunch, so it's never a surprise when they launch their own clothing lines. As I Lay Dying guitarist Phil Sgrosso is following in the footsteps of the likes of Jamey Jasta and has launched the summer collection for his Nomad Clothing line, which was announced earlier this year.

But Nomad Clothing isn't just another metal dude selling clothing with cool designs or self-promoting imagery. Rather, the line was born from Sgrosso's near-constant life on the road as a touring musician, where clothing offering breathable comfort and durability are necessary and a nomadic mindset is a key element of survival. Overall, Nomad Clothing fuses durable clothing with bold imagery that reflects the on-the-go lifestyle of nomads and touring artists!

According to a press release about the summer line, Nomad delivers quality clothing focused on design, detail, and overall comfort and is meant to stand up to repeated washings.

The line includes flannels, sweatshirts, tees, tanks and accessories for both men and women. We dig the nautical-inspired necklaces, which include telescope charms, a diver helmet, a compass and a lantern. It's certainly inspired by the high seas and wayfarers.

Go here to check out the line's wares and offerings here.

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