Armored Saint are stepping up to the plate again on June 2 with their new album, Win Hands Down. The veteran metal act has teamed up with Loudwire to give you an early taste of the disc with a stream of the song "Mess," which can be heard in the player below.

As you can hear, the song starts off with machine-gun like drumming from Gonzo Sandoval, some wailing guitar licks that sound like sirens and eventually a powerful message coming from vocalist John Bush.

“Powerful music required some powerful lyrics. It was made clear by the chanting sounds of the tribal groups at the beginning of the song all the way to the frantic chorus. It sounded like chaos. Possibly the heaviest song Armored Saint has ever written," Bush tells Loudwire. "I continue to marvel at the amount of garbage that’s created on our planet. Whether it’s food or other disposable items. We could blame groups like Monsanto and that would certainly be valid, but it all comes back to personal accountability. We could all do better. Waste dirties up our beautiful cities and planet. We’re consuming maniacs. All you can eat buffets offered to a third of Americans who are obese doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That is unless were trying to kill ourselves. What a mess."

"Mess" is featured on Armored Saint's Win Hands Down album and follows on the heels of their recently released title track. Check out the video for the title track at this location. And if you're an Armored Saint fan and can't wait to pick up the Win Hands Down disc, be sure to check out the band's merch site where you can pre-order the album in a variety of formats. Look for Armored Saint on the road this spring and summer supporting the new album. Dates can be found here.

Armored Saint, "Mess"

Armored Saint, Win Hands Down

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