So what exactly did legendary metal vocalist John Bush do in-between his on again/off again relationship with Anthrax and reforming Armored Saint? Well, according to a recent interview with Revolver, he's been doing voiceover work for Burger King, as well as various radio spots and TV commercials.

"There was a couple of years I didn't do a whole lot of music. Well, no music, I should say. After I left Anthrax I was kind of in a good state of mind about not really doing anything," the vocalist -- who was asked to front Metallica after the release of 'Kill 'Em All,' but turned the gig down -- explains his life away from metal. "I just was ready to not think about music for a while. And I think it was healthy."

Bush continues explaining voiceover work, "To me, it's another form of art. A lot of the commercials I've done are really funny. You can say, 'Oh, you're selling a f---ing fish sandwich.' But you know what? To me, as long as there's some integrity with it -- and to me there is -- then I'm done. It's using my voice. It's like a natural progression."

In the most notable of the Burger King ads, Bush put his non-growl voice to was the 2006 TV ads for ice cream deserts at the fast food restaurant.

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