After releasing nine studio albums, Architects' 2021 record For Those That Wish to Exist became their first No. 1 in the U.K. The song "Animals" has been successful for them in the U.S. as well, which frontman Sam Carter sees as a great achievement, because the band didn't think they'd be able to makes it in the States.

"The thing that always blows my mind with our band is it just keeps going. Every time you think it's done, or every time you're like, 'It can't get better than this,' it does," the singer told Loudwire Nights.

"Through being in a band for that amount of time, you really, really appreciate it, and you really love it because you've had so many years of not having it, and not having the appreciation, doing the tours when no one comes, sleeping in the van for however many months on end."

For Those That Wish to Exist hit No. 1 in Australia as well as the U.K., and Carter described the feeling as "amazing." Both plaques are having above his kitchen sink to remind him of the feat every day.

The band's plan as of now is to just keep writing and continuing as they have been.

"America is a place where we've worked so hard for so long, and there, it seems there's been a big jump in stuff there since 'Animals' has come out and since that's been on the radio," he enthused.

"There's been points — especially early in our career — where we were like, 'This is an unclimbable mountain. America is just too hard and there's too many bands. We're never gonna be able to make our mark here,'" the vocalist admitted. "[But] the last three records have really changed that for us."

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Fortunately, the band are finally able to tour in support of the album, and will be making their way to the U.S. in November. See where you can catch them live here.

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