Atticus, the ubiquitous clothing brand, isn't just about T-shirts. The ever-popular apparel folks are adamant about being a core part of music lifestyle -- and that includes heavy metal. "We are so much more than, 'Here is a box of clothing. Rock it on stage,'" Atticus U.S.A. Marketing and Artist Relations rep Mark Bubb told Noisecreep about the company's relationship with its bands. "We like to help the bands progress and be something bigger."

While Atticus began as more of punk and pop brand, it branched out into the metal world, working with bands as wide and varied a Sick of it All and In Flames. "We've grown into a music brand," Bubb said. "We want to work with hip-hop and hardcore bands, too. We want to work with bands that are part of the youth culture, with bands that have something to say."

The company isn't only about making T-shirts with their logo, either. In fact, it specifically works to create clothing that is tour and musician friendly. "There's a million clothing companies out there," Bubb pointed out. "Atticus does jeans, jackets, 400-piece lines with belt buckles, dresses, jeans. We have something for everyone. But as far as construction goes, a lot of T-shirts are made poor quality. All of [our] stuff is tour-friendly, so you do not have to worry about it shrinking when you hang it or heat dry it. It will fit the same as it was before. They breathe well. When you are a hairy dude and there is a lot of ink on the shirt, it pinches and pulls. We do things that make that not happen, making the shirts super soft and durable and stretch."

Atticus sponsors 170 bands worldwide and Atticus Black is the T-shirt/hoodie/durable line that is more music-based. They even team up with instrument brands and have created a Vic Firth by Atticus line. Bubb said, "Just like a drummer needs the right sticks and a guitarist needs the right guitar, a musician needs the right clothes. The brand is musicians firsts, then fashion."