AC/DC are currently on the sidelines as singer Brian Johnson was forced to cease touring or face the risk of "total hearing loss." Alongside the news of the tour postponement and Johnson's issue came the promise to reschedule the 10 North American tour dates, likely with a new singer. Rumors have strongly suggested Axl Rose will be tapped as the interim frontman. Self-professed AC/DC fanatic Scott Ian of Anthrax has weighed in with his thoughts on the situation.

When asked what he thinks of the idea of Rose fronting the legendary Australian rock act, he told R7, "I don't think anything. I guess I'll hear it at some point, and then I can make my opinion. I guess I could kind of imagine in my brain, but I don't even know what Axl sounds like now. I haven't heard Axl Rose sing in a long, long time. So, can he sing AC/DC songs? I don't know. I suppose AC/DC must think so, if it's true. So I'm sure I'll get to hear it soon enough on the Internet somewhere and then I guess I'll have an opinion on it."

Ian then stated who he would like to see take the helm, adding, "I wish they would get Angry Anderson, the guy who was in Rose Tattoo. I don't know if Angry Anderson is still even singing anymore. But I always thought, in 1980, he was the guy. I didn't know who Brian Johnson was yet, but I knew Angry Anderson in 1980, and when Bon [Scott] died, I was hoping Angry Anderson was gonna join AC/DC, 'cause he was from Australia and he sounded like a guy who should be in AC/DC. But then Brian came and Brian was great. So who knows?"

Talking from a fan perspective, the guitarist said he'd like to see the band hang it up if Johnson can't continue. "My personal opinion is, without Brian at this point, I think they should just stop," Ian firmly stated, going on, "Why? Why? You're AC/DC. I don't think they need the money. It would be pretty hard to imagine that they still are out there working because they need money. But who am I to say? It's just my opinion. But I wish… If Brian is done, then I wish the band would stop. That's just my personal, sh--ty opinion."

As stated, Ian is a huge AC/DC fan, speaking to us about Malcolm Young in the video interview below. Meanwhile, some may remember that Anthrax also covered AC/DC's "T.N.T" and premiered their cover right here at Loudwire in 2013.

Rumors of Rose singing for AC/DC heated up when the singer was spotted leaving the same rehearsal studio the rock icons were practicing at in Atlanta, Ga. Prior to this, the band's representatives stated they had "nothing official to announce" regarding the rumors.

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