Amon Amarth are essentially a living video game. Their larger than life world building in music gives the viking metal they create a sense of enormous proportion, battles of man versus god strewn through their lyrics. So it makes total sense that Amon Amarth have made their way into the video game world, with the new release of their retro styled self-titled mobile game, available for both iOS and Android.

The group teamed up with Swedish video game developer Ride & Crash Games AB to create a retro-inspired 2D platformer game for mobile devices. Players take control of none other than Thor, as he blasts through Midgard, cleansing the realm of all the demons and monsters that plague the land. With the help of Mjolnir, players will crush their way through 12 different levels, each soundtracked by Amon Amarth in 8-bit form.

The Swedish vikings have been raising the flag high for the genre, as seen on their most recent album Jomsviking. Earlier in the year, Amon Amarth released a video for "The Way of Vikings," taking that viking ideology and mindset into the present day with scenes exhibiting some extreme manliness.

It's been a solid run for Jomsviking, and time will tell if Amon Amarth will be following it up in 2018, but being able to dive into the band's world with a video game is more than enough to hold us over for a while.

Check out the trailer for Amon Amarth's video game above, and pick it up here, or the iOS App store or Google Play's app store.

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