A 19-year-old opera-singing makeup artist with a Marylin Manson-inspired "goth" look is being heralded as "the next Susan Boyle." Andrew De Leon's unexpected audition on the new season of "America's Got Talent" has wowed the reality talent show's judges' panel and brought viewers to tears.

The self-proclaimed social "outcast" and self-taught singer wore piercing-blue contact lenses and thick black eye makeup as he took to the stage to perform for the very first time in front of a live audience. Not even his own parents had heard him sing. Of course, De Leon caught everyone off guard with an amazing, tear-jerking operatic performance.

"I'm just so used to being rejected," Andrew admitted, overcome with emotion after receiving a standing ovation. "I'm not really good at anything ... so this is amazing." De Leon made it through to the next round by unanimous decision. Check out his inspiring audition performance below!

Watch Andrew De Leon's "America's Got Talent" Audition

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