Amaranthe have been supporting their Maximalism album on tour without one of their trio of vocalists -- Jake E. -- taking part. The musician first took some time off from the band in 2016, then made his exit official back in February. In the interim, the band has toured with Smash Into Pieces vocalist Chris Adams filling the void, but according to singer Elize Ryd, Adams is not the long term solution and they will seek to fill Jake E.'s spot before their next album.

Speaking about Adams, Ryd explained to Dead Rhetoric, "Chris has played a big part, and we asked him if he was interested in joining. He actually said no, because he wants to focus on Smash into Pieces. That’s the thing that people don’t understand – maybe we could offer him better pay, maybe…but it’s not about money. When you are in a band, sometimes you earn and sometimes you don’t. You can’t make your decisions based on the business, you have to do it from the heart. Otherwise you burn out. You can’t do this if you don’t love what you do. So I really respect that he wanted to stick to his own band, because I would want to do the same. I want to do my thing, and I’ll do that no matter what it takes. If I was hired by someone else, I would not enjoy it as much."

She continued, "We are now looking for someone who might fit. Vocally, it’s very important because it has to suit my voice. It’s hard to find good clean vocalists. It’s hard to find good clean vocalists who actually like metal [laughs]. I know a lot of guys from my background in the musical scene, and they can pull off anything. Even people who played in the Queen musical, We Will Rock You. People who can sing rock, but know that they aren’t frontmen. They can act, but it’s not real to them. It’s actually a very rare [combination] to find." 

Ryd admits the current uncertainty has her a bit stressed, explaining, "I want to be able to share this career with someone really nice. You never know with people – are they going to change personality-wise, after a year? Things like that make you a little bit nervous. I know musicians can always make their show, but for me, I’m singing together with someone – it’s very intimate position. I’m probably going to be the most picky one about this situation."

During the chat, Ryd revealed that the she in particular once had considered the third vocalist in the group being a female singer back a few years ago. At that time, she was interested in having Alissa White-Gluz joining the band, but it didn't pan out. "I wanted Alissa [White-Gluz] to join the band. I was drop dead serious about that," explained Ryd. "But then she got the Arch Enemy gig. She’s very happy with her life and career, as it is now. She doesn’t need to share her voice with two other people, like I have to and Henrik [Englund Wilhemsson] has to."

So stay tuned to see how Amaranthe proceed after the support of Maximalism.

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