Alter Bridge are coming up on the Oct. 8 release of 'Fortress,' and they're stoking the fires of fan excitement with their new video for 'Addicted to Pain.' The video, which just premiered at Loudwire, is a hybrid of performance footage, featuring the band members laying a hurting on their instruments, spliced with vintage clips of bad things happening to human beings and people doing dangerous things that could spell disaster. 

While the band plays in a warehouse, vintage images of women in bathing suits, horses diving from a board with a rider on their backs, colliding trains, cars driving through rings of fire, a man in a straight jacket and another hanging out a plane by his ankles are splashed across the screen. It's a seamless mix of classic (and frightening) images with modern hard rock.

The band and the clips exist independently of one another, but the message is received since the images line up with the lyrics. Humans and our psyches are addicted to pain whether we like or not and we cannot eradicate pain from human existence.

It can be the thrill of doing things that may cause pain, like many of the aforementioned activities can and will do. We can't help ourselves and run headlong into the adrenaline rush of dangerously thrilling activities. At other times, the pain is caused by others in either nefarious or accidental ways. But as the First Noble Truth indicates -- life is pain.

Beyond that, the song slays. It's got a very classic metal sound.

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