Tech-death legion Allegaeon have returned with Damnum, their first new album since 2019's Apoptosis. Leading the charge for this 12-track full length is the debut single, "Into Embers," where the quintet continues to showcase their dazzling skill set and properly introduce fans to the capabilities of new drummer Jeff Saltzman.

With the last record, Allegaeon opened up their songwriting palette and that's the case again here with "Into Embers," which utilizes buttery vocal harmonies to provide balance on the adrenalized track wrought with fearless tempo shifts, jagged riffs and hyper-melodic guitar work.

"As an introduction to our new album, Damnum, we are thrilled to present 'Into Embers.' This song embodies the dark and fitful nature of this album by bringing to the table elements of ourselves as a band and as individual musicians that we have been waiting to share with you all for a long, long time," began vocalist Riley McShane.

"As always, we are excited for our listeners to join us as we step forward into new landscapes — continuing to push the boundaries of our music further and further — and we are eager to experience the unveiling of Damnum together over these next few months," he continued.

Listen to "Into Embers" below.

Regarding Saltzman, who joined the band earlier this year as the successor to Brandon Park, guitarist Greg Burgess offered, "This is really the first record where the drummer has written all their parts, instead of us guitar players programming a beat and having our drummer just write the fills." McShane added, "Pairing him with our bass player Brandon Michael, we have a rhythm section that can keep up with the level of musicality and proficiency the guitars have always brought to the table."

Damnum, which will be released on Feb. 25 on Metal Blade, was produced by Dave Otero, who has an extensive history working with Allegaeon. Pre-order your copy here and catch Allegaeon on the road in North America next year as direct support for Omnium Gatherum on a run that kicks off Feb. 26.

View the Damnum album art and track listing further down the page.

Allegaeon, "Into Embers"

Allegaeon, Damnum Album Art + Track Listing

Allegaeon, 'Damnum'
Metal Blade

01. "Bastards of the Earth"
02. "Of Beasts and Worms"
03. "Into Embers"
04. "To Carry My Grief Through Torpor and Silence"
05. "Vermin"
06. "Called Home"
07. "Blight"
08. "The Dopamine Void Pt. 1"
09. "The Dopamine Void Pt. 2"
10. "Saturnine"
11. "In Mourning"
12. "Only Loss"

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