As the Feb. 24 release of ' new album 'The Order of Things' draws closer, the band has unveiled the track 'Tru-Kvlt-Metal' (listen above).

In an interview with Billboard, frontman  says the song is aimed at those who want to dictate how All That Remains should sound. "It's really sarcastic," Labonte says. "It's really directed towards the people that we've heard year after year, record after record, saying, 'Oh, put out another record like 'The Fall of Ideals.'"

Labonte continues, "We've done that, and even if we did it, some purist would say it's tarnished anyway because we've already done it. You can't win, so (the song) is kind of like flicking my nose at them and giving them the bird."

He also discussed how in the larger scheme of things, the reaction to his band's music isn't that important: "People get so worked up about such inconsequential things, you know? People getting beheaded in the Middle East, that's a consequential thing. Charlie Hebdo in Paris, that's a consequential thing. Whether or not our record is heavy enough by some kid's standards who has a blog? Who cares?"

All That Remains will be hitting the road shortly in support of 'The Order of Things.' Their tour with In Flames and Wovenwar kicks off Feb. 20 in Agoura  Hills, Calif. The album is currently available for pre-order at Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.