Ontario's Alexisonfire are adding to a growing discography with 'Dog's Blood,' releasing the EP on Dine Alone Records. Artist Skinner, one of guitarist Dallas Green's favorites, was given the names of the release and the band as the only guidelines for the artwork.

"I generally don't like popular music," Skinner told Noisecreep, "but [I] watched some videos by these guys and I was endeared to some of the songs and where they seemed to be coming from. And I love Canadians and Canadian weed, so I was open to rolling on this with a good vibe."

Like many great artists, Skinner goes through phases based on what he's consuming at the time. This time around, that consisted of "books my aunt sent me that were tomes of esoteric and occult studies from the '70s," he revealed, "as well as the book 'The Secret Knowledge of All Ages' by author Manley P. Hall, and the art compositions of Mike Mignola, who created 'Hellboy.'"

The result is a colorful and multi-layered album cover, rife with some traditional Halloween imagery -- which is appropriate, considering how close the release date is to the infamous autumnal holiday.

"I think it's really cool that they asked me to do this with them, and I am honored as well," Skinner said. "I do a lot of paintings based on horrible suffering and strange terrible entities from parallel dimensions, so it was a little risky, but they went for it! They rule."

Alexisonfire are currently on tour in Europe and will return to North America near the end of November for a string of Canadian dates.