AFI revel in the darkness in their video for 'I Hope You Suffer,' the first single from 'Burials,' which drops Oct. 22. Would you expect anything less from these darker-side-of-life rockers, especially infinitely stylish frontman Davey Havok, who is unabashedly the star of this clip?

The cinematic video was shot in black and white, with overall grey tones. The movements are in slow motion, from the performance footage, which takes place in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, to the closeups of singer Davey Havok's face and his mouth while he delivers his lyrics. It's intense, to say the least.

You can almost count the hairs that make up Havok's five o'clock shadow. That's how uncomfortably close the camera gets with its subjects. The increased intimacy might force you to look away here and there, if you don't like that sort of thing.

There's not much in the way of narrative or plot in the 'I Hope You Suffer' video, but knowing AFI's fans --who are disciple-like in their devotion to the band-- they don't mind the footage focusing on the band members.

Havok, also an accomplished young adult fiction author, is certainly a captivating subject and you can't help but remain fixated on him as he rips through the song's diary honest lyrics. He means what he says and you can see that in his face.

The grinded-to-a-halt pacing and slowmo nature elevates Havok's movements, his eyes and his face to high impact.

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