Upon first listen, it's fairly clear that AFI's new single 'I Hope You Suffer' is coming from a pretty dark place. With the band's new lyric video for the track, the visual just cinches it.

The clip is shot entirely in black and white, focusing on the dark and desolate landscape with a clouded nuclear sun. Also visible is a smoky atmosphere that hovers just above the barren plains but doesn't obscure the lyrics that scroll onto the screen.

While the visual offers a sense of isolation and scorched earth, the lyrical content is comes from a place just as scorned. At one point, Davey Havok sings of being cut off from humanity, exclaiming, "No one will ever know you / Deny the last one who cares / Intoxicate with the new / Pretend I'm no longer here." Why, you may ask, is the vocalist so shut down? Perhaps this passage provides the clue: "I opened my heart to you / You lied just to reach inside / Now with the faith you removed / Our hope for forgiveness dies."

As the video progresses, day gives way to night but the landscape is still quite bare and as the clip ends we see that the moon is setting, but little has changed in terms of the look. So while the atmosphere remains dark, the world continues to revolve.

'I Hope You Suffer' is the lead single from AFI's upcoming album, 'Burials.' The disc is due in stores Oct. 22.

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