AFI's next album 'Burials' comes out Oct. 22, and the band has already given fans a taste of their two singles 'I Hope You Suffer' and '17 Crimes.' Now the group has unveiled the full track listing and album art (seen at left) for their 13-song effort.

In a recent Loudwire interview, frontman Davey Havok admits 'Burials' comes from an intensely personal place, and if the songs have an anxiety driven yet inspired feel, there is a method to that madness. "It's a very chaotic record," said Havok. "The tone and the sentiments of chaos and of anxiety and panic and collapse and betrayal and despair really were very prominent in my life at the time. Still, to a respect, as we were writing, those naturally came out in the creation process."

Havok and the band's restless state of mind brings a deeper context to most of the song's respective names, with titles like 'The Sinking Night,''A Deep Slow Panic,''Heart Stops' and 'Anxious' filling the disc. Meanwhile, the album art also sets a mood with the eclipse-like shot almost encompassing the entire piece in black. It's reminiscent of many of the black and white trailers the band employed prior to the announcement of their album. Fans can currently pre-order 'Burials' at the iTunes Music Store.

In support of 'Burials,' AFI will embark on a North American tour starting Sept. 12 with a performance in Minneapolis, Minn. (Varsity Theater). Their near two month run ends Nov. 2 with a stop in Vancouver, British Columbia (The Commodore Ballroom).

AFI, 'Burials' Track Listing

1. 'The Sinking Night'
2. 'I Hope You Suffer'
3. 'A Deep Slow Panic'
4. 'No Resurrection'
5. '17 Crimes'
6. 'The Conductor'
7. 'Heart Stops'
8. 'Rewind'
9. 'The Embrace'
10. 'Wild'
11. 'Greater Than 84'
12. 'Anxious'
13. 'The Face Beneath the Waves'

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