For months now, Aerosmith has been in something of a holding pattern. Frontman Steven Tyler isn't communicating with the band, who are anxious to hit the studio with producer Brendon O'Brien and churn out another album in 2010. Tyler says he's focusing on "brand Tyler," and this led the band's former A&R man to suggest they find a new singer.

According to former Geffen Records executive John Kalodner, Marti Frederiksen, who co-wrote the band's 'Jaded' LP, thinks they should consider hiring Lenny Kravitz as a Tyler replacement. Aerosmith's various members have hinted that the band would carry on, with or without Tyler.

"We were talking about how no one can replace Steven Tyler, but the only person he said -- and I agreed with -- that could even make Aerosmith anything would be Lenny Kravitz," says Kalodner in a new interview. "If you're asking me, is there Aerosmith without Steven Tyler, my answer is no."

Apparently, guitarist Brad Whitford agrees, and confirms in a recent interview that the band is searching for replacements.

"You're never gonna fill the shoes of Steven Tyler. Not even possible. So we're not even thinking in terms of filling his shoes," Whitford says. "But there may be some people willing to try, and hopefully we do something creative with it, you know, and not just go out there and be like an Aerosmith cover band."

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