Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry may not always agree, but they've found a common bond on one topic. The "Toxic Twins" have teamed up to support Sea Shepherd, a group that works to protect the ocean and marine life.

The duo recently boarded the organization's fleet in Melbourne, Australia and received a tour of three ships. They met with and discussed conservation topics with the crew, and a video promo of their visit can be seen below.

"Oceans and water is uncharted territory for human beings, they don't even know the beauty underneath there with a mask and a snorkel. I mean, very few do. It's certainly getting fished to death," Tyler said.

The frontman is acutely aware of the fragility of aquatic ecosystems, and referenced both Massachusetts and Hawaii, and how the slightest change can knock things out of balance and cause a terrifying ripple effect.

"The waters in Lake Sunapee, way up in New England, are now depleted, the frogs are going, honey bees are going," he acknowledged. "I was just fortunate enough to just buy a house in Maui and the reefs out in front of my house, I live on Ahihi Bay, which is a fish sanctuary, and the reefs are going away. It's a very delicate ecosystem, you know, once a little bit goes awry, it all does. It's all connected."

Perry lauded Sea Shepherd and its efforts as vigilantes and freedom fighters who risk their lives since the government doesn't want to step in and spend. "I always heard about Malibu and all the movie stars that live out there and I found out you've got to get a tetanus shot if you go swimming in it," the jut-jawed axeman said. "You know, it's pretty screwed up."

He continued, "The laws are in place, but as we know, most of the governments are run by the big business. There is not enough money in it for different countries to send police out for whales and fish. When it starts to hit them in the pocketbook, then maybe they will do something. But right now, it's up to guys like you, who are true vigilantes. You take the bull by the horns and do it and come what may and you put your lives in danger and for something you believe in."

Perry is using music to help spread a similar message, saying, "I just wrote a song about [how] one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist and you guys are freedom fighters and it's great to know you and we will help with your work as much as we can."

Watch Aerosmith's Sea Shepherd Video

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