Before most rock 'n' roll supergroups reveal themselves, someone goes and opens their big mouth, and a well-kept secret becomes message board fodder. Before we knew there was a Velvet Revolver, we all heard Scott Weiland was working with the dudes from Guns N' Roses, and before Army of Anyone revealed themselves, rumors started swirling that Richard Patrick was working with the guys from Stone Temple Pilots. So what are we to believe about this new tidbit that leaked Monday, suggesting Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are working with Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page on a project?

According to Led Zep watchdog site Lemon Squeezings, guitarists Perry and Whitford, who have been squabbling with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler for months now, and Eric Clapton and Led Zep's Jimmy Page are in a recording studio with engineer Kevin Shirley, and Shirley says he has been recording the legends and "many others."

He then hints at some "high profile projects" about which he's been sworn to secrecy. "Suffice it to say that life is very busy," Shirley writes in his online diary about a "super group" project he'll be producing this January. He called it "one of the most exciting 'supergroups' to come around in a long time. But theory is just that until we see how the dynamics play out in the studio between these superb musicians. And of course, the songs will make the real difference."

Shirley also claims he's been working with John Petrucci of Dream Theater and Neal Schon of Santana, and referenced "Maiden's Three Amigos," which could mean Iron Maiden's Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers. All of these projects are to be recorded, Shirley says, in the next few months, perhaps by February. We're just going to wait and see.

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