Adrenaline Mob are moving forward without drummer Mike Portnoy, getting the creative juices flowing again in the studio. In a new update from guitarist Mike Orlando, the axeman reveals that pre-production is underway on the band's next album.

The group has yet to name a replacement for Portnoy, who exited the group earlier this summer when his schedule conflicts forced him to make a choice on his musical future. Rather than hold Adrenaline Mob behind, the drummer exited to focus on his promotional responsibilities with the Winery Dogs.

As for the post-Portnoy Adrenaline Mob, Orlando says things are moving right according to plan. His latest studio update reads as follows:

Pre-production for the new Adrenaline Mob album is going phenomenal! Myself & Russell have written one hell of an album & are a handful of tracks away from completion! We're hoping to start tracking in a few weeks & we'll be giving tons of studio updates & insight into the tracking of the new AMOB album!! Stay tuned everyone for the next chapter in the Mob family.. we guarantee its gonna ROCK!!

All the best to all the great AMOB fans worldwide, you guys are the best!!! MIke O.

Shortly after Portnoy's exit, frontman Russell Allen addressed the departure with Brazil's Wikimetal. He explained, "The truth of it is we wanna keep working. We wanna keep doing Adrenaline Mob and we don't wanna wait around for Mike to have the time. And he doesn't know when he will have the time again, so that's really what's going down."

At the time, Allen also stated that their first order of business was writing new material and getting the music together and that would come before figuring out their drummer situation.