It's been exactly one week since Adam Lambert was robbed lost the 'American Idol' title to laid back crooner Kris Allen. Members of the Glambert nation, have heart: Adam doesn't need the silly crown. Not with bands like Queen knock, knock, knocking on his door!

Alas, the Queen rumors are true. Well, sort of.

About ten seconds after Lambert and Allen performed "We Are the Champions" with the remaining members of Queen on the season finale of 'American Idol,' the Internet went bonkers over a rumor that Brian May invited Adam to be the band's new singer. After all, the members of Queen are looking for a new front man now that Paul Rodgers is out of the picture.

The "lead singer" rumor festered a few days, until Ryan Seacrest was able to pin down the 'Idol' favorite Monday night during a special edition of 'Larry King Live' on CNN. The conversation went a little something like this:

Ryan Seacrest: Any truth to the rumor that Queen asked you to be lead singer?
Adam Lambert: I think they were interested in me coming out and singing with them here and there.
RS: So you did have a conversation with them?
AL: Yeah, yeah... It would be really cool.
RS: So what did you say?
AL: Obviously, we have to work it all out...there's a lot going on right now.
RS: You're looking down, look at me. Look at me! They said "DO YOU WANT TO BE THE LEAD SINGER OF QUEEN?"
AL: I said I would – ok, look, they didn't say "DO YOU WANT TO BE THE LEAD SINGER OF QUEEN?" They said "Would you like to come out and sing with us?" And I said "I would love to, yeah."
RS: How would you do that with the 'American Idols Live' tour?
AL: That's exactly why I am hemming and hawing for an answer. I'm not exactly sure.

So, that clears it all up. Or not. At the very least it's now definitive that Brian May and the boys are very impressed with Lambert.

The 'American Idols Live' tour starts July 5th.

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