An AC/DC-themed edition of the popular board game Monopoly is due out this August. A Metallica version is also on the docket. Key details have recently emerged about both editions.

For the AC/DC version, game pieces will include cannons (from 'For Those About to Rock'), dynamite bundles (from 'TNT), and the schoolboy hat favored by guitarist Angus Young. We'd love to see devil horns for 'Highway to Hell' and late singer Bon Scott, among other things.

The AC/DC collector's edition will allow players to buy, sell and trade AC/DC albums as currency.

The Metallica edition of Monopoly is also in the works. Metallica Monopoly players can "Pass Go" via historic Metallica events and locations ranging from childhood dwellings to studios, club shows, festivals and more. The game's pieces will feature iconic Metallica symbols such as the hammer from the 'Kill 'Em All' album cover, the scales from '...And Justice For All,' the fist from 'St. Anger'; and the snake from the 'Black Album.'

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